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Step 1: Getting started with MetaMask


What is MetaMask?

MetaMask is a web browser extension and mobile app that allows you to manage your Ethereum private keys. By doing so, it serves as a wallet for Ether and other tokens, and allows you to interact with decentralized applications, or dapps. Unlike some wallets, MetaMask keeps no information on you: not your email address, not your password, and not your Secret Recovery Phrase or other private keys. You retain all power over your crypto-identity.

How to install MetaMask on Chrome:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on "Download"

  3. Click “Install MetaMask for Chrome”. You will be directed to Chrome Web Store.

  4. Click “Add to Chrome”

  5. On the pop up, click “Add extension”

add extention 1.jpg

After adding MetaMask Extension, you’ll return to your browser page. MetaMask will appear on your browser. You may click on it to open MetaMask.

metamask browser.jpg

How to install MetaMask on Firefox:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on "Download"

  3. Scroll down to the Firefox logo, and click on it.

  4. In the new window that opens, click on "Add to Firefox"

  5. On the pop up, click “Add”
    NOTE: Don't be alarmed by the fact that the Firefox plugin is listed as being published by "danfinlay, kumavis" -- they're a couple of the main minds behind MetaMask :-)


After adding MetaMask Extension, you’ll return to your browser page. MetaMask will appear on your browser. You may click on it to open MetaMask.

firefox 2.jpg

How to install MetaMask on Edge:

  1. Visit

  2. Click on "Download", and scroll down until you see the Edge icon.

  3. Click on the Edge icon, and follow the prompts in the window that opens to install the extension.


After adding MetaMask Extension, you’ll return to your browser page. MetaMask will appear on your browser. You may click on it to open MetaMask.

How to install MetaMask on Brave:

  1. Visit

  2. Click “Download", and scroll down until you see the Brave icon.

  3. Click on the Brave icon.

  4. In the Chrome store that opens, click 'Add to Brave'.

  5. In the popup that appears, click 'Add extension'.


After adding MetaMask Extension, you’ll return to your browser page. MetaMask will appear on your browser. You may click on it to open MetaMask.


When adding MetaMask to your browser, you may ask why you’d have to approve an extension to “read and change all your data on the websites your visit”. Get ready, the answer is technical:

In order to enable Dapps (Distributed Apps) to access the blockchain, MetaMask needs to inject a Web3 JavaScript object into each page. By doing so, it will not change the website, but merely allows it to access the network.

If you are still not convinced, a good way to experiment and manage your browser is to sandbox your MetaMask: create a separate browser profile so that MetaMask is only installed there. This will let you get used to MetaMask and Web3 in an environment that's separate from your existing web identity.

That said, MetaMask is safe for browsing. Welcome--you're joining over 20 million MetaMask users all over the world!

How to install MetaMask on iPhone:

  1. Visit

  2. Click iOS and click “Install Metamask for iPhone"

iphone install.png

How to install MetaMask on Android:

  1. Visit

  2. Click Android and click “Install Metamask for Android"

install android.png

Step 2: MetaMask Wallet Registration

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the browser extension (for this tutorial, we’re using Chrome), you’ll arrive at the first selection screen. 

If this is your first time setting up a software wallet, you’ll want to start with the “Create a Wallet” option. If you have an existing software wallet (Atomic, Exodus, Rainbow, etc.) and are wanting to transition over to MetaMask, select the “Import wallet” option.

new metamask.png

Next, you can choose to share some anonymous data with MetaMask to jump on to the following screen. You can click No Thanks for complete peace of mind–it won’t hamper your user experience with MetaMask. Select accordingly and proceed.

help improve.webp

Now Create a strong password on the following screen.


Next, you’ll see the MetaMask team trying to emphasize the importance of the secret recovery phrase with a short video. Better watch it and click Next.


Now it’s time to save the secret recovery phrase. You can uncover the secret phrase and download it as a text file. Then click Next to proceed.

MetaMask goes to lengths to ensure you remember this important phrase as they don’t store it for you. So you see a word puzzle to rebuild that phrase, exactly the way it was. Unless you get it right, the Confirm button at the end won’t get activated, and you can’t proceed.

And if you’ve missed remembering or saving it, there is a back button under the MetaMask icon at the top. That will take you to the previous page to download and memorize it.


Two secure ways to consider storing your seed phrase are to physically write it down in a notebook or on a notepad and save it somewhere safe and offline, or use a password manager to encrypt your password and phrase. Saving your phrase anywhere on your computer (Word doc, text file, etc.) could leave you vulnerable to hacks and scams. Since the initial 2021 NFT boom, there have been numerous prominent NFT artists and collectors who have been scammed and hacked via their seed phrase. 

secret recovery.jpeg
recovery phrase.webp

Once you complete this, the Confirm button will come to life. Click that, and you will see the congratulations message on the last screen of the registration process.

Finally, click the All Done on the congratulations page to enter into your wallet dashboard.

confirm phrase.webp


eth wallet.webp

Step 3: Buying Ether (or ERC-20 tokens)

buy ether.webp

You can use this to deposit ether (ETC) or any other ERC-20 token into your account. There are two payment gateways-Wyre and Transak.

deposit ether.webp

After the transaction, head back to your MetaMask wallet. There you can see your ETH balance.

Is Transak safe?

Transak has a robust risk engine that monitors and stops fraudulent and criminal transactions. In real-time, most of the Transak users faced no issues. However, a few people faced a delay in receiving ETH while purchasing via Transak.

5. Is Wyre safe?

Wyre is a licensed Money Services Business (MSB) that has executed more than $1 billion in cross-border payments. It uses bank-grade encryption in its servers.  Hence, Wyre is a reliable payment API.

Step 4: Buying on OpenSea

Let's connect your wallet to OpenSea, edit your profile, and begin interacting in the space. When you arrive to , head to the top right profile icon, select "Profile".

open sea profile.png

You will then be prompted to connect your wallet. You will continue through multiple prompts, finishing with the connection screen. When you see "Connecting..." OpenSea to your wallet, you're almost done.

opensia sign in.png

Your account will default to "Unnamed", showing only your wallet address below. To personalize your account, select the gear icon on the right side of the screen. You will receive an extra security prompt, select "Sign" and you can begin updating your profile.


Now you can customize your profile, including: username, bio, and email address. Your profile photo and cover banner can be customized on your account as well. 

How to buy Perennial NFTs:

  1. Search PerennialCapital on the search bar or visit

  2. Select the NFT and click on big blue "Buy now " button.

  3. If this is your first time purchasing an item on Ethereum, you'll be asked to unlock Ethereum trading on your wallet. This only needs to be done once.

  4. Click "confirm checkout".

  5. Click "Sign" to complete your purchase.
    Once you've signed the unlocking transactions, your NFT purchase should be processed quickly! 

How do I add funds using MoonPay on OpenSea:

You can now add funds using MoonPay directly on To do this, head to the wallet icon, located on the top-right of the OpenSea website.

Next, click on the large blue "add funds" button.

add fund open sea.png

Depending on your geographic region, you'll be able to add ETH via the "Buy with card" option.

add eth.png

Set the amount of ETH you want to buy, and double check that your wallet address is correct. 

set eth.jpg

Next, enter your email. This will be used for your receipts.

set email.png

If this is your first time using MoonPay, you'll need to set up your account by adding a debit/credit card and verifying your personal information.

moonpay verify.png

After finishing verification and account setup, you'll be able to complete the payment to MoonPay.

complete moon.png

Depending on network congestion, you should receive your funds soon after. 

If you have further questions regarding MoonPay, please contact their customer support or read their FAQ.

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