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Connect Your MetaMask With Binance Smart Chain to receive USDT rewards

Step 1. Open MetaMask and go to Settings


Step 2. Go to networks & click "Add Network"

laterest network.png

Step 3. Add the network details 

In this window, you will enter the details of the network to be added. MetaMask asks you to enter: Network Name, New RPC URL, ChainID, Symbol and Block Explorer URL. To add the Binance Smart Chain network, enter the following information:

• Network Name: Smart Chain or Binance Smart Chain
• New RPC URL:
• Chain ID: 56
• Symbol: BNB
• Block Explorer URL:

add network.png

Step 4. Connect your MetaMask to the BSC network

connect to bsc.png

Step 5. Click the “Import Token” button. Like what you see on the image below

add token.png

Step 6. Add the token details 

In this window, you will enter the details of the token to be added. 

• Token Contract Address: 0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955
• Token Symbol: USDT
• Token Decimal: 18

add usdt token.png
add usdt.png

Step 7. Click "Import Token"

accept usdt.png
show usdt.png

Congratulations, you have just connected your MetaMask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network!

Your USDT rewards will be credited to you wallet on your Binance Smart Chain network.

Perennial Capital
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