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Perennial offers better NFTs

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Your gateway to the decentralized finance movement. HODL our NFTs and earn sparkly rewards.

Perennial Capital aim to make NTFs simple, within reach of billions with competitive rewards.

With our yield generation rewards from multiple streams, you'll receive 30% APR on USDT as your rewards for holding our NFTs. Holding our NFTs will also entitle you with token airdrops.

Despite the proliferation of financial products, NFTs has yet to produce a yield-bearing product simple and safe enough to gain mass adoption. The price volatility of most NFTs makes buying unfit for the vast majority of consumers.

Perennial Team

At Perennial, we believe that NFTs combined with yield-bearing strategies will allow everyone in the world to establish sustainable passive income streams. This is why we’re on a mission to reduce entry-barriers and enable private users to become financially independent. We are simply a group of avid NFTs enthusiasts who desire to build a platform our peers will use and love

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Perennial Capital
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